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Back to Normal?

“Normal” can mean different things to different people, and to different companies.
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Beeman Joins MSI Engineering Team

Carter Beeman grew up in Morrisville and studied Mechanical Engineering and Math at the University of Vermont.
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MSI Manufactures a 3rd Place Finish in Copley Hospital Fundraiser

MSI contract manufactures thousands of products each week, with time off on Saturdays.
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Above & Beyond Manufacturing

How about a 4th of July drone shot of MSI?  This view really does take us above and beyond MSI's manufacturing facility.
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Enjoy Your 4th of July

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Why do Manufacturers Outsource to Contract Manufacturers?

Strengthen Your Manufacturing Business Strategy Control Manufacturing Labor Costs  Managing Manufacturing Hiring Costs Where Does One Find Manufacturing Employees? How do You Increase Manufacturing Space? Speeding-up Manufacturing – Getting Back on Schedule Manufacturing Quality - Getting...
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Not Finding Commercial Space on the Internet that Fits your Needs?

Check out Websites such as LoopNet or Zillow. Go Online for Local Newspapers. Still not finding what you need?  Not all available properties are marketed publicly.
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QOR360 Chair Wins International Design Award

Excerpt from QOR360 Release May 28, 2020: "We are thrilled to share some big news for QOR360!  The A'Design Competition has awarded the Ariel chair the bronze award for Furniture Design! ...
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MSI is Grateful to be Back in Production...with Employee Safety Protocols Front & Center

While MSI is back in full production, as with all businesses, there are many changes to how business is done.

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