Metal Processing & Finishing


MSI enables your operation to scale up, or down without hiring, training or locating additonal space.

We receive your parts and raw materials from you, or directly from fabricators; modifying them into exact specifications.  Your team can finish, or MSI can complete assembly and/or fulfillment.

  • Large & Small Parts Sand-Blasting
  • Large & Small Parts Shot-Blasting & Peening
  • "Baby" Basket Blasting
  • Automated, High-Volume Processing
  • CNC Processing

MSI's Parkerizing process offers cost-effective protection for all types of ferrous metals:

  • Excellent Metal Primer
  • Chemical Process - won't chip or flake
  • No Effect on Existing Heat Treatment/Hardness
  • Resists Oxidation
  • Withstands Higher Temperatures
  • Attractive Flat-Black Finish