Grow your profitability

MSI is a full-scale manufacturing and distribution facility with an experienced, full-time operations team. We manufacture products for the global market every day. Because this is our core business, we're able to provide a broader range of capabilities than any single client could justify building, maintaining, and continually improving on their own. We aggressively reinvest in our operations to provide you with the latest technology and operating capabilities to support your growth.

Expand your business

Our team of creative and enthusiastic individuals is committed to helping you successfully grow your business. We are constantly improving business processes and driving revenue growth through superior customer service. You get a no-hassle and extremely scalable manufacturing and distribution solution that reduces personnel costs and eliminates operational overhead. Your customers will experience a seamless transaction, growing them into satisfied and repeat customers.

Focus on what's important

Outsourcing gives you the freedom to focus your management energies on improving your business, instead of stressing about logistics. Our clients save money and valuable time by leveraging our internal capabilities. We'll provide the infrastructure to support your business strategy. Our long-term client relationships are testament to our ability to provide innovative and creative business solutions as companies evolve over time.